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I know. Its still not over. But bear with me.

  1. Relative grading > Absolute grading.
  2. I only ever productively work in the library because I feel like I should be working in the library because everybody else is working in the library (or at least giving the impression of doing so).
  3. While we’re on the issue of the library, the fact that I can never get an empty cubicle makes me want to throw out the bag of the person who left that bag in a cubicle and hasn’t shown up to use it for the past 4 hours.
  4. The trays at PDC aren’t really as cool as they first seemed. Really, they’re just bumpy from the base and are thus consistently wobbling. Your move.
  5. But then, PDC’s chicken cheese bread makes life worth living.
  6. The space outside SSE with the pillars is the best place to sit because its all light and airy, and also the steps outside the Academic Block are never free.
  7. The cats really like it here. Some people really don’t like this fact.
  8. Don’t skip breakfast. Chances are, your stomach will try and talk to both you and your peers out of the sheer need for food near the end of your first class.
  9. For people intending to take calculus or any math course next semester that has online assignment submissions, WebWork/sigma is a witch and a half. You’ll never know when new assignments are uploaded, and just by the way, the website does on occasion change the due date of assignments because it hates you. The number of assignments I’ve missed is heart wrenching.
  10. I now understand why all my friends from LUMS used to complain about enrollments. Enrollments open from Wednesday 8 pm to Friday 8 am? More like from Wednesday 8 pm to 8:02 pm. Don’t lie, RO.
  11. Don’t go to Bombay Chowpatty if more than 4 tables are full. Chances are, you’ll waste away to nothing (and have thrown literally all the shade at the counter) before your order gets there.
  12. Do the events. All of them. Now how matter how lame and no matter how much you suck. A friend and I participated in the Amazing Race and we gave up after four tasks but it was still pretty….amazing? ~memories~.
  13. You’re bound to lose your ID card at least once. Everyone has. Still try to be a bit careful with it.
  14. The bathrooms at SDSB are (so far) the best.
  15. Don’t leave your stuff anywhere. Ever. Everything gets stolen. Everything. Even calculators.
  16. Is it just me or does the omelet at PDC smell like fish? It’s just me. (Take note next time. Take. Note.)
  17. Jammin has pasta. Jammin has nice pasta. Very nice pasta, and an expensive one too.
  18. People don’t like you when you receive a phone call in the library, even if you whisper at barely audible levels. It’s the equivalent of having murdered at least 12 people, and you don’t deserve to live, let alone be at the library.
  19. You sometimes reckon LUMS needs to get its act together with the amount of websites one needs to keep track of/ log onto. Theres LMS, sigma/WebWork, outlook, moodle, zambeel, and I’m probably missing some…….
  20. You might feel guilty about it since the instructors are great, but you’ll probably fall asleep in Islamic Studies. I put it down to the timing of the class, really. But there were always at least three to four people asleep in my immediate vicinity.
  21. Shoes. Comfortable shoes. Comfortable walking shoes.
  22. Instead of getting at least 2 Nestle water bottles a day, or buying one and ending up filling it up, just bring your own from home? There are a number of places on campus where you can fill them up and the water doesn’t taste ~weird~.
  23. Your existence will be dependent on chai. You may temporarily switch to green tea, but you’ll inevitably go back to chai. Because chai.
  24. The masjid is calm and peaceful and a perfect place for a nap except you probably won’t be able to wake up which can be a bit of a problem because classes and stuff.
  25. You will be busy all the time. All the time. There’ll always be some kind of work that you’re doing or should be doing but aren’t.
  26. You’ll wish at least 3 times a week that you were a hostelite (If you’re a day scholar).
  27. We, all of us, have one thing in common, and that is that we can operate the chai/coffee 1

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  1. Hahaha wow this perfectly sums up my experience as a Freshman at LUMS. Oh what I wouldn’t give to go back and relive every moment. Very eloquently put, Author. I hope your LUMS experience is as good as mine.

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