Posted on: July 16, 2016 Posted by: Syed Taabish Ali Naqvi Comments: 0
  1. The One with Bad Hygiene
    Probably the worst kind of roommate you can get, especially if your nose is sensitive and attuned to detecting the smallest of odours. Subtle hints is the best way to start, just enquire about the smell, if you’re really bold you can ever sniff around the room. Pretend to find the source even though you know what the source is. Then you can casually say ‘I think it’s from your side of the room!’. If you don’t want direct confrontation just spray air fresheners everywhere in your room, or if you’re feeling bold spray it right in their face.
  2. The One who refuses to turn off the light
    Imagine this, you’re trying to sleep. Its 2 am in the morning. You have an 8 am the next day and your roommate refuses to turn the light off. Horrifying no? Here’s a few things you could do. You could buy a sleep mask, easiest way to deal with it. The more fun way though is to buy them a lamp. Then if they refuse to use it, as a friend of mines roommate did, you turn on the lamp yourself and dart towards the tube light like cat and turn it off.
  3. The One who leaves rubbish everywhere
    If you’re a neat person, or just want your room to not look like a pig sty you’ll have a problem with this kind of roommate. You could always just meekly use a jharoo and sweep the floor, taking out all the trash. Or you could buy a bin and ask the person to just throw their rubbish in the bin. Yeah that’s it really, no elaborate plan for this one.
  4. The One who is a Ghost
    This roommate can either be a blessing or curse, depending on what kind of person you are. If you had dreams of becoming best friends like Ross and Chandler did in college

    Well in that case your dreams are definitely shattered. You aren’t going to find that best friend, in fact you’ll never see them. They might be there when you wake up but never will they be there when you go to sleep. The only traces they’ll leave behind is their unkempt bed, perhaps a pile of clothes on the bed or a cupboard door slightly ajar. Not to fret you could always stay up all night and chat with them then. But that is no guarantee you’ll become friends. All I can say is good luck freshmen!

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