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As a freshman at LUMS, our proposed semester plans are bit askew and for a lot of us, it is up to us to decide what courses we want to take. With that said there are certain courses you should certainly try to take in order to find your true calling.

  1. Introduction to Political Science
    This course will give you some form of an idea of whether political science is the right direction for you. It’s well-structured and the faculty teaching this course are a talented bunch of individuals. Be warned it has a lot of reading and requires a lot of information retention. If you can manage it then go for it
  2. Introduction to Anthropology
    This course is incredibly interesting; you learn about different cultures and truly broadens your mind and perception of other people’s values and ideals. The drawback is that the grading can be absolute and difficult, so getting the grade may not be a walk in the park.
  3. Introduction to Literature
    This course has one of the most animated and passionate instructors in LUMS. Sir Saeed Ghazi. He’s incredibly passionate for this course and requires nothing short of your absolute dedication to this course. Take this course if you’re looking for a course that will not only increase your literary prowess but if you want a class to remember.
  1. Principles of Financial accounting
    A lot of science students who have no background at all in economics, business or well any field but science, turn up in LUMS. With that said before making your final call and deciding your degree take an Accounting class. Purely to figure out what degree you want to do. Moreover, if the basics click, the grade is fairly easy to manage.
  2. Principles of Economics
    For the same reasons as above, if you have no clue what Economics is, then take this course. It helps magnificently and honestly helped me decide what degree path to take myself. The course is slightly disorganised but it is fairly easy to get a good grade in it.
  3. Philosophy Gym
    Not much of a course when it comes to actually learning philosophy but it’s meant to be an easy A.  The instructor is supposed to good at teaching it, so it’s a no brainer.
  1. Universe Around Us
    Another relatively easy A course. The course is meant to be a physics course with minimal physics. If this courses reputation is anything to go by you really have to work hard to get a bad grade in this course.

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