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Modern Physics with Dr. Sabieh Anwar

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“As a sophomore doing an Economics major, I enrolled in Modern Physics, despite the fact that everyone advised me against it. I heard that I would get ‘screwed over’ and that I should choose an ‘easier’ course if I was looking for an outgroup. I remember in my very first class of the semester, a distant acquaintance struck up a conversation with me about the course and warned me about just how math intensive it was going to be. And they were right. The course wasn’t really a walk in the park — it was very math intensive, and I could have chosen an easier out group, but I have never regretted taking this course at all.

Being someone with a science background, and someone who loved Physics during their O and A levels, it felt great to study it again, especially with an instructor like Dr. Sabieh Anwar.

The only people who had actually encouraged me to take this course were the ones who knew about Dr. Sabieh, and that makes sense. His lectures were engaging and his passion about the course really showed during them. It was evident from his classes that Dr. Sabieh was someone who was there every morning to deliver lecture, not because it was his job, but because he genuinely wanted his students to learn and appreciate the beauty in the laws which went into quantum physics.

All in all, taking this course was an enjoyable experience, a great learning opportunity for me, and affecting enough to even make me consider a minor in Physics.”

Roshaan Akram Sherwani, Class of 2020


Electricity and Magnetism with Dr. Adam Zaman

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“I had the pleasure of taking Electricity and Magnetism from one fantastic instructor, Adam Zaman. One week in and I was reminded about why I was pursuing a minor in Physics and how beautiful some dreadful looking equations can be. Course aside, I was inspired by Sir Adam’s passion for science itself. He did not want anyone to memorize the questions but was concerned with students actually understanding the underlying concepts. He wasn’t trying to teach how to just solve equations; his aim was to teach us how to think, to reason, and to make intricate links between various aspects of the course. He showed videos to help us visualize different phenomenon and constantly gave real-life implications of what we were studying so the student would have the realization of physics not just being theoretical. He was equally helpful outside the classroom. You could always go to his office or email him concerning anything you wanted to discuss, clarify or ask his opinion on even if it did not concern the course. It was a delight to study from Sir Adam and I hope every student gets at least one course with a person whose passion is only matched by their competence.”

– Hamza Ather, Class of 2020

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