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Hey dear freshmen, I know it’s a little late but welcome to LUMS! I’m sure I won’t be wrong in assuming that by now, you all have a fair idea of what life here tastes like, quite literally when it comes to PDC. Hopefully, you’ve adjusted to the triple occupancies, the packed class schedules and the idea of unannounced quizzes. And most likely you’ve also been lucky enough to get your first quizzes graded; giving you a glimpse of what life is going to be like for the next couple of years. After those quizzes were handed down, I am sure you probably spent a day or two in denial, waiting for your instructor’s email telling you, what a terrible mistake he had made and how honored he is to have you in his class. Yeah that didn’t happen so you took that job upon yourself and stormed into their office during the contesting hours full of confidence, only to have it shattered. Surely, the quiz in front of your eyes was not the product of your intellect? Given your name written on it, in your handwriting that’ll be pretty hard to argue though, so you do the next best thing, beg for some partial credit on all your questions! Surely the 0.5 on the MCQ is deserved since ‘D’ is written right below the correct option ‘C’! Shocked at the non-cooperative attitude, you vow to strike back with vengeance and reclaim the glory of your high school days. In your determination to show your sadistic professors just how capable you are and your admission into this prestigious university wasn’t out of luck, you come up with a… study plan! Yes, who would’ve thought you’d need one of those in life!

Considering you made your study plan mid-week (like come on why waste your weekend doing something so boring), you’ll definitely like to wait till Monday before you actually start following it, don’t you? It just makes it so much easier to keep track of things and after all new week, new beginnings? That will also give you the weekend to catch up on all the stuff you didn’t study. Sounds like the prefect plan!

T.G.I.F! What a day it is, your classes end a lot earlier than usual and it’s the last day of the week so you deserve some time to relax and celebrate. You even spot an empty table at the khokha, as if fate wants you to enjoy, play bluff with your friends while sipping that lemonade from the superstore. You find yourself laughing at your friends’ inability to lie and just when you were about to call the bluff, it dawns on you that it’s officially the weekend and you need to catch up on your studies. Don’t worry it makes no sense to leave a fun game of bluff, especially when you’re wiping the floor with your friends. Later, when you’re walking towards your car, all proud of your victory, you check your phone to find 4 texts from your o-week groupie who have been asking to meet up with you the whole week. You’re not rude so you decide to meet!  A prolonged conversation and an exhausting drive later, sleep is all you can think about. What good is studying with a fatigued mind anyway?

It’s Saturday, finally the weekend and waking up any earlier than noon is a sin so you tell your stupid brain to shut up and sleep. When you do wake up, you lazily surf through TV channels, pausing to laugh at the stupid advertisements while chomping down on your breakfast because a healthy lifestyle is essential for the grades you hope to achieve. While draining down your morning tea, you strategically allocate your time to the task at hand. So far you’ve covered about 4 chapters in chemistry, so all you’ll have to do is study two chapters daily. That’s no big deal at all; you can even do 3 in one day and buy yourself some free time. As you dry yourself after showering you remember your plan to hang out with your old friends and just in time too, because their cars honking outside your door in the very next minute. Well that should end your plans for the day because if your friends are going to drop you home before 10, then are they really your friends?

Again Sunday is no day for you to be waking up early and on top of that it’s also a family day so there’s the family brunch for you to help yourself to that paratha. Determined not to repeat the events of yesterday you pull your laptop out because those printed course packs are so 1989. Naturally you also haven’t downloaded the soft copies of course packs since there was no reason to do so. You open up LMS but then since its Sunday you put up a couple of movies up for download as well. You’d need to treat yourself after a good day of hardcore studying. Also any work on the internet has to go hand in hand with Facebook. But you need not worry, it’s just harmlessly lingering there, you won’t be distracted by it.

You almost forgot to bring snacks for your study routine so you get up to rectify that and in the five minutes you were gone, 2 friends texted and everyone you know starts roasting your friend for his embarrassing new selfie. Now I believe you’re not easily distracted but this basically called for it. Then suddenly you ran out of snacks and with them, your time to study as well, since your movies just finished downloading. Guess there’s no question as to what happens next.

Mondays suck for everyone, couple that up with your class schedule and you finally understand why people commit suicide. Today, however, you’ve got motivation to get through the day. You remember the grin on your instructor’s face when he sent you off in those contesting hours. You hug your friends goodbye as soon as you’re out of that 6.15 chemistry class and head home. As soon as you get your laptop out, it hits you! You have an assignment due the very next day! You immediately open up LMS and Facebook (Facebook is a must when working on the internet). You download the assignment not forgetting to scroll through your newsfeed and generously liking everything. Of course you’re still determined and so take no time to switch tabs, all prepared to get the assignment done. After half an hour of scratching your head and refreshing your news feed, you decide that copying the assignment would be a better idea so you shut everything down and get to bed or you’ll never get to that 8 am class.

Despite the 8 am class, Tuesday seems way better than Mondays. Now all you’ve got to do before heading home is that assignment. You head to IST to meet your smart-ass friend. Oh the horror you feel when you find him just starting the assignment and asking you for yours. At least now you’re not any less smarter than him and that’s totally worth it I would say! Halfway through your “chappa”, your friend reminds you that the DC is a thing here! You curse the DC, LUMS and your life, before starting to rephrase your assignment. You breathe a long sigh of relief at getting the assignment submitted. That was way too close, you almost missed the deadline. Today, you finally get to open your class notes and try to read them. hours later you open your eyes to find the blank screen of your laptop staring back at you. Confused, you turn it back on, only to realize it’s not Tuesday anymore. Demon whispers to you, “Quit worrying and shut that thing down or you might miss that dream!”

Rest assured you only lost two out of the five days of your study plan; it’s not that bad! Besides Tuesday wasn’t a complete loss since you technically had your notes open so you must have read something. Your train of thoughts is interrupted when a paper with gibberish written on it, is placed in front of you. Yeah, the bane of your existence, unannounced quizzes! Talk about foul play! You bet the instructor wanted to mess with your plans! Forget it though; a new Flash episode came out yesterday! That should get rid of the depression for you; besides you can’t study feeling low like that.

So it’s Thursday and it’s almost a week since you designed that wonderful study plan. No point getting depressed over not following it. It was unbelievably ridiculous to begin with. Whoever has time to study on daily basis? Keeping up with your courses on a weekly basis sounds like a much more doable plan! I’d like to assume that you guys don’t want to find out how that’ll go!


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