The LUMS Daily Student is LUMS’s flagship journalism society, priding itself for its prompt and precise coverage of events and happenings on campus and delivering an insight into life and times at LUMS.
We, at the LUMS Daily Student, aim to bring a platform for self-expression to the LUMS community, promoting healthy discourse and discussion.
We also provide our members with the opportunity to host the annual Convention for Aspiring Reporters and Media Anchors (CARMA) and the LUMS Journalism Festival (LJF).
LDS also hosts a variety of Journalism related events throughout the year, including the Annual LDS Online Writing Competition, photo-walks, workshops and seminars, granting the LUMS community exposure into the field of journalism and its nuances.

About The LUMS Post

Vision: The LUMS Post aims to create an empathetic understanding of campus communities and give a voice to all.
Mission: Through in-depth, independent and fair reporting, we create powerful stories which engage readers, seek thoughtful responses, and inspire dialogue and action.