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Quench my thirst for a single glimpse of its being. For what engulfs me is the dance of wounds and slathering blood. Moan that sing song of life into my cold ears for I am the slogan of demise. And I am the zenith of emotion and I am the shedder of light on the members of that heavenly court, like a flickering candle whose gallantness shall cajole it into extinction. Breathe your fragrance into my existence, as I now strain to cling to the last feint shreds of clarity. Pitter, Patter. The drops of the crimson blood glisten in the rays of its glow as they pelt the macabre ground beneath, steadily slithering their way into the blood red waters of the lagoon that reflects no stars. For another heart has been played havoc with. Save me. I am tossing about in agony. And the beseeching voices of the souls that have yet not separated from their half slaughtered bodies resonate within the court. Help me.

And then suddenly, using a million tricks, the eyes rob me of my tranquil mind. All comprehension, reason, and logic vanish from before my being as I blindly toss about in a pain that is my only solace. WITNESS! Oh, thief of serenity! I do not wish to survive tonight. Intoxicate me! Oh harbinger of all perplexity in which resides lucidity, for I give you my life! Dye me! Dye me in yourself so I gain what is more eternal than eternity itself… Be my head sacrificed on your glimpse, for my existence has bowed down in honour of the night you shall come to take it away. Has not my soul come to my lips? Imprison it, so I may achieve what is infinite. For my sanctuary is your glimpse.

And a glow is then what I see everywhere. I writhe about in the blood drenched soil engulfed by a fire that is now my virtue, and a blinding glow that entwines with the deepest corners of my soul is what I see everywhere. A sharp pain knifes through my skin, as the hiss of my own broiling flesh fills my ears. The numbness now wears off and it pierces through my chest. And with each passing moment it cuts deeper and deeper. Save me. I am in pain. It is agonising. Pitter, Patter. The drops of blood are my own. Help me.

The light dims. Or perhaps I start to go blind, for the pain is excruciating. And I feel the light that intertwined with the most clandestine corners of my soul, slowly sift out of my starved heart. I have not survived tonight. Short like life was the mirage of your glimpse. I have lost tonight. And I have won infinity.

Oh lustful mortals! What is it that piques such a degree of your interest?! Be off! Go now. Nothing out of the blue has taken place. Go away. What is it that you panic for? What dreadful deed have you witnessed tonight? Calm down. Be off, I say!

Just another heart has been played havoc with.

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