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By Tayiba Ahmed


“My art consists not in defeating others, but in not being defeated”

This is the slogan of Naqsh School of Art, founded by the Babar Ali Foundation, which displayed its artwork in an art exhibition held on the 1st of December, 2015, in LUMS. The exhibition was hosted by the LUMS Arts Society and held in the central courtyard, free to all, where the art was not solely for viewing but also displayed for sale. A large portion of the paintings were a consignment of the Naqsh School of Art, whereas the rest were showcasing our very own fellows’ talents with paints and brushes. IMAG0399The exhibition even had its very own photo-corner with props and a beautiful background of intricate patterns done in muted tones of red and black.IMAG0393

Following the edges of the central courtyard, one felt surrounded by all the artwork displayed. There was a beautiful stone sculpture, a mish-mash of domed structures and arches, half as tall as myself at one corner, with a display of clay sculptures nearby (in particular, a cute piece of the leaning tower of Pisa). Then there was a board of ink and pencil sketches and doodle art, displaying the artistic side of our



fellow students when they get ‘art epiphanies’ in class. IMAG0409There was also a huge display of oil and canvas paintings, filled with layers of colors and laced deeply with meaning. And among all this, even Dean from the famous television series Supernatural found its way into the exhibition in the form of digital art.

Some pictures were framed, others were mounted on paper and all were equally beautiful. Yet the most captivating was the calligraphy display. Every piece depicted a beautiful use of lines and forms and muted colors, with tiny patterns and minute details done by what looked like glass paint.

Complimenting the artwork were posters of the Naqsh School of Art, with registration details about short and long courses in the various art forms. IMAG0401And after seeing all the beautiful artwork, I was for a moment tempted to partake in their courses so perhaps I could also learn how to produce such work.

The art exhibition was a relief in the boring routine of quizzes and projects. It took a lot of effort and hard work, for which credit goes to the Art Society; a warm thank you on behalf of the student body and everyone else for making such an effort.


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