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by Humza Siddique

Dr. Yasir Mehmood, the instructor for Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, was replaced in the third session of the Spring 20’ semester, after complaints by students during the first week of classes.

Dr. Mehmood announced the course outline on the first day of class, 21st January 2020. He suggested the weightages for the grading instruments as follows:

1-     70% Final Exam

2-     15% Attendance and Class Participation

3-     15% Presentations

There were no assignments. The reason given by Sir, as quoted by students, was that students would copy each other’s assignments. Dr. Mehmood also mentioned that checking assignments would be difficult for a class size of more than 150 students. Moreover, there were objections to the suggested CP policy too, “Five students would be randomly chosen for questions and they would be graded. The rest would get full marks for the day.”, said Hannan Naeem ‘21.

“Students took the proposed outline jokingly and clapped in class but once they realized the weightages were final, they complained about them to Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi, The Chair of  the Computer Science Department”, said Nauman Yawar Butt ‘21.

Apart from this, there were complaints in previous semesters about Dr. Mehmood being late to class. In fact, he was not able to make it to class for the second session on 23rd January, 2020. The LMS announcements for the day communicated his delay as students waited for more than thirty-five minutes before the class was cancelled. Dr. Mehmood’s email at 2:52 PM mentioned that “the cricket match cut him an excuse to call it off for the day.”  

This incident led to even more complaints and as a result, the department was quick to intervene. Dr. Mian Muhammad Awais replaced Dr. Mehmood to teach the course from 28th January, 2020 onwards. Dr. Mehmood’s office has been vacated but the name-plate remains visible on the office door.

Maira Asaad

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