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A theatrical performance & a LIVE makeover around “Self Grooming for Personal and Professional Success”

By Ahmad Raza

An extraordinary performance by LUMS Dramaline, a live makeover by two of the leading beauticians and a lot of free vouchers, sounds like a dream right? Every person out there is a stone waiting to be chiseled into a diamond. A diamond that demands respect and love, as it turns heads at every corner. Sounds pretty philosophical right?Screenshot_2015-11-23-18-43-46-2 But that is exactly what Shammal Qureshi, CEO at Toni & Guy, north Pakistan, and Reddah Misbah, manager at Depilex, demonstrated this Friday in SDSB! Amidst our hectic Midterm exams, this event served as a nice breeze of fresh air by giving us all something new to enjoy. Even an auditorium the size of B3 had no empty seats left as a lot of students, particularly girls hurried to be enthralled by what Shammal and Reddah had in store for us.

In an amazing play reflecting the usual whims of a typical student, her complicated never ending crushes and heartbreaks topped with jealousy and “healthy” competition, a single stroke of a brush on the face (streaking it with a pearly white) and a trail of mascara on the eyes can make dreams come true for every girl with a jumpy heart out there. But that stroke has to be by the hand of Shammal and Reddah, or so they said. (I doubted that at first, but after their “artistry”, I don’t anymore)! A cheering audience, energetic performance and spotlights that coated the entire auditorium, raised an aura of entertainment. And as the British say, “they made EVERYONE’S day!” The Q&A session was held in which Shammal and Reddah gave valuable counsel for self-grooming and primping marking an end to a lively evening.

Moreover, discount vouchers for haircuts and facials were given out along with other special prizes. The glamorous event was one of a kind. And yes, it may have actually made me a little Beauty hooked.

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