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By Usama Shahid


Every semester in LUMS starts off with an event that now has become a tradition. The event that began our semester this time was the Blood drive. The Blood Drive is usually organised by the LUMS Community Service Society who collaborate with Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital for this project. Through this LUMS accounts for the most blood donations by any institute to Shaukat Khanum. The blood drive for the spring semester of 2016 took place on 8th and 9th of February in the recreational area above PDC.

The one that took place last semester was greatly publicized and had over 230 donors. This time around publicity of the Drive bore the cost of renovating Rec because fewer people knew about it. This coupled with the fact that since Rec was closed, no students were coming to it, and led to an inadequate turn out on the first day of the event with only 89 donors showing up.

On the second day, LCSS decided to up their game and tried a new form of publicizing the event. LCSS had its members wear red and sent them on around campus to advertise for the blood drive. This generated a much needed buzz for the event and increased its awareness all around campus. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner this technique gained a lot of attention as many students saw the individuals roaming around campus looking for probable love interests but it was well received once the LCSS members cleared them on the case. This led to a great turnout for the second day of the blood drive, and took away the low turnout for the first day.

The blood drive had 217 donors in total, making the it a great success for the university. This, and all the previous blood drive make LUMS the institute that donates the most blood to Shaukat Khanum by a large margin. Once again showed LCSS’s ability to get the best out of all luminites saved the day (and many more lives) and got the good karma going!

Kudos to all the donors out there!


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