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If someone outside of LUMS were to ask us what we do after surviving what seems to be millions of exams and quizzes, most of us would say full-time party, sleeping throughout the day or enjoying tea at the khoka with our friends. But here is the thing: after a certain period of time everything loses its charm; in the winter for instance, when all you want to do is to wrap yourself in sheets, the khoka tea might not remain so appealing. Partying just may not be everyone’s forte. So what else can we do to kill the mundane routine and simply take a break? I know just the thing! I’d highly suggest you to avail the services provided by a new student project called the ‘Bored Games’. Now what exactly is this? It is the brain work of a group of Luminites who want to add something exciting to the monotonous LUMS life.

As the name suggests, this endeavor is here to help you when you are bored by providing you with not just your favorite childhood board games but also much more at very reasonable prices. These games are only a call away from you and will be delivered to you anywhere in LUMS. This is good news for the hostilities, who miss playing Ludo at home and cannot find such games with in the premises of the university. Some of the board games that are available include Monopoly, UNO, Scrabble, Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, Risk and Twister; naming  them might make you feel nostalgic as they have been the center of your childhood. Most if not all of can recall the sweet, unmatchable taste of victory after a good game of Ludo at home, so why not experience the same euphoria again in LUMS? As if it couldn’t better, these games also happen to be available seven days a week till 3am.

This unique service, by selling consoles on campus will also be renting famous PlayStation games like Call of Duty and FIFA16 on weekends in the near future. This is something that will be launched in LUMS for the first time and will be a wonderful opportunity for everyone, especially if you happen to be a gamer; and by gamer we mean the computer geek kind, but even if you’re the other kind, this could just be the thing for you!  Some would argue that this facility makes people lazier than they already are, but interestingly, Bored Games is also providing Badminton Rackets on rent that you can easily use in the sports complex. Such activities break our dull strenuous routines to enjoy some joyous moments with our friends. What better way to liven up our day! This project is in its primary phases but its future looks promising as shown by the positive reviews and ratings on the Facebook page.

Bored Games is designed for the nights after exams when you’re looking for something different and fun to do. This venture can add a new flavor to your LUMS life and urge you to follow the saying at LUMS: work hard and play harder (preferably after you are done with your exams).

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