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For many of us, from the time of the final examinations to the time of the results, the name of this university hovered in our prayers, anxieties, nightmare and dreams alike. Thinking all the while about what would it really feel to be a Luminite. As a freshman, I believe that I am still under the spell of the frenzy of the acceptance, exams, results, conditions and finally becoming part of this prestigious and promising institution. To me, all of a sudden I have become an adult who handles difficult endeavours (like Zambeel and registration office) all on their own. Looking back, time has flown. Your closest friends that stood with you every step of the way have their own paths to pave in a different institution. Even though, they are still your closest, you feel like they no longer truly understand what you are going through. LUMS is a huge place. Not only the hundred-acre campus but the large student body, extensive diversity, intimidating buildings and systematic procedures can make a freshman with little friends shed a tear or two silently. At first, it felt like the hum of the campus: laughter, joy and friendships, were distant and something that I was indifferent with as I was holding on too tightly to the strings of my past and drowning myself into a nostalgia so strong that hindered me from participating in the campus life. But LUMS being an institution that does not bore you has started its vigorous study patterns and your priorities tend to change. But when I look back to just these few weeks since the semester began, things really are getting better. I know more people, I am getting on track and most importantly I am smiling more often.

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