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I know that hardly anyone cared about the campus paper. Late publishing and less-thought out content rarely caught the sincere attention of most of the students, instructors, and administrators alike.

As the Editor-in-Chief of The LUMS Post this year, my team and I will change that for you. I want this paper to cover stories which concern us deeply. Things which affect us both negatively and positively; inclusivity on campus, administrative policies, narratives of harassment on campus and student-admin relations are just some to mention. 

My Editorial Board of the LUMS Daily Student has been working extremely hard since the past few months in order to produce a new newspaper (The LUMS Post) which aims to create an empathetic understanding of campus communities and give a voice to all. My writers and I want to do in-depth, independent, and fair reporting, in an attempt to create powerful stories which would engage our readers, seek thoughtful responses, and inspire dialogue and action. These values are also ingrained in our ethical guidelines, adapted from The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) code of ethics, along with the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) Model Code of Ethics for Collegiate Journalists. 

Here, it is important for you and I to acknowledge that the campus direly needs an honest, sensitive and unbiased voice which will showcase concerns of not only the students but also the faculty, administration and staff workers on campus. 

The LUMS Post wants to be the paper which we all care about. I sincerely hope it achieves that. 


Nayyab Naveed


The LUMS Post

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