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Covent Garden graciously hosted a dinner for the host team of CARMA on the second day of the event.
The ambiance of the place was very sophisticated and cozy. What appealed the most to me about Covent Garden was how dynamic it was. From basement lounge to the snooker bar, it had everything one would need to hang out with friends and have a good time. To start off with, the team was served with strawberry margaritas in the basement. The margaritas were delightful and had one reaching for more. Dinner was served moments later and it was amazing. From the salads to the desserts, everything was superb. The Peri – Peri Chicken, in particular, was exquisite and grilled to perfection. The combination of rice and chicken handi was outstanding. But, to me, the peri sandwiches were the superlative dish of the evening. The number of used plates clearly showed how much the host team enjoyed the dinner. Apart from what we were served, Covent Garden had a great menu ranging from appetizers to all kinds of desserts. It’s a perfect place if you have friends who can’t seem to agree on anything specific, quite simply because it has everything on its menu. To end the night, we were served with a rather fancy Twinings tea. A tea so fancy it had us all talking in a British accent. Apart from the food, the service was excellent and the servers were very friendly. The team thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and I, for one, would definitely visit Covent Garden again.

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