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As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”. Edhi set out to do exactly the same, becoming a beacon of hope for men and women in a nation too often struck with grief and calamity.

The loss of Edhi could possibly be the greatest loss for Pakistan in recent times. Edhi, not only represented a positive image of Pakistan, but also of Islam. Edhi exemplified what it is to be a responsible Pakistani and a Muslim in a nation sickened by target killings and terror attacks, constricted by poverty and low incomes and mired in illiterate environments and settings. In a country where unconditional helping and regard for others is often looked down and differences in religious practices are used as more often an excuse by the cruel minds to justify their inhumane acts, Edhi left a unique legacy of selflessness; dedicating his life for the service of the fellow beings while overlooking the religious or any other distinctions between the poor and the needy.

We do not need to pray for Edhi; he is already in a much better place now. He loved the created ones, earning the pleasure of the Creator. We need to pray for ourselves that may we are able to induce some humility, kindness and love for others in ourselves, especially the unprivileged ones. Edhi has left this nation indebted and each and every one of us should play his/her part to repay some of that debt.

The State Bank of Pakistan has announced to mint coins in the honor of Edhi’s memory. I hope that those coins not merely remind us of Edhi, but also of our duty to continue his legacy. While updating Facebook statuses and uploading profile pictures are kind gestures in light of Edhi’s memory, they aren’t enough to contribute to his mission. Those who can, should try to donate to the Edhi’s foundation and those who cannot should at least find it in their hearts to help any poor or needy around them. And even if that’s not possible, maybe some kind words of love and affection should do the job.

Here, it is to the actions, and love for the humanity.

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