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A few days ago I went for shopping at a renowned store in Islamabad. While my mom busied herself in buying grocery and other essentials, I was left to babysit my younger sister in a corner. While we both were sitting, we saw another family enter the store consisting of a mother with her two kids and a little girl hardly of eight years who appeared as a maid from her old clothes. While the mother bought things, she handed them over to the little maid. All of the things were too heavy for her and I spotted her almost losing her balance for a second. Meanwhile, the other two kids just roamed around with their mother, pestering her to buy them ice-creams.

This episode had absolutely nothing novel about it. Plenty of such incidents are witnessed every day in almost every place. What struck me most was the fact that it is almost Eid time and the month of Ramadan is supposed to inculcate the feelings of humbleness and humility in Muslims, for giving up food  and drink is surely of no use otherwise. Muslims are supposed to be extra kind to each other, let alone their inferiors, out of respect of this noble month and its blessed teachings.

Ironically, at the moment when ISIS is attacking globally and killing innocents all across the globe, and with people like Donald trump considering ISIS to be the representative of Islamic spirit and all the Muslims to be ‘radical terrorists’, following the basic Islamic teachings about love and caring for others is more than important in the current hour to spread the true message of Islam. The least we can do as Muslims, in the face of the hate that ISIS is bleeding, is to propagate the loving message of Islam by exemplifying it, and there can be no better occasion than Ramadan or Eid to follow this beautiful message. Ramadan is the perfect occasion for the Muslims around the world to come closer, to be compassionate and to exhibit the unity and the beautiful message of peace. The least one can do is to be caring for those around and be it with the one’s servants or with one’s equals, display kindness and basic regard for others, given that Islam teaches us to be kind even towards our enemies. The purpose of Ramadan is to make all of us better human beings and if at the joyful occasion of Eid, we still find ourselves incapable of exhibiting kindness and softening up ourselves towards others then undoubtedly we gave up food and water in vain.

It is almost the end of Ramadan and Eid time. The spirit of Ramadan obliges the Muslims to share the joy of eid with their less privileged fellows as well. Many of the Muslims would be spending this Eid in refugee camps, facing hopeless conditions and waiting for some miracle to take them back to their beloved homelands. Let’s hope that for all those Muslim refugees around the world, this Eid may finally mark the end of all hardships and may this Eid may not only bring each and every one of us pure joy but also enable us to bring joy into others’ lives as well.

Eid Mubarak to all!

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