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I live a life lulled by the fear of failure in the future; you see the future holds all my dreams, my aspirations. The future is my excuse for not giving it my all in this very moment, why? Because we feel that we will somehow be the best versions of ourselves in the future, we’ll have everything figured out yet somehow the future I had envisioned 10 years ago resembles nothing to the present I am living now, 10 years later. I am still ordinary. I still spend most my minutes thinking of what I’ll be doing when I’m 25 rather than actually doing what I want at 19. And I know that this habit is not only mine, but of many of those around me. Why do we live in the solace of the prospects of the future rather than living in the somewhat bitter-sweet present?

The answer is simple, we view our future selves the same way we view a stranger we might encounter in the street, that stranger has endless possibilities in our mind, he could be anyone we want our minds to think he is. The same way, we believe that our future selves are bound to greatness because they have something our present selves don’t, that is the belief that we can be anything our mind can think of.  Imagine, really living in the moment for one day, not caring what we will amount to.  It’s seems easy enough but it’s not.  If we start living in the present for once than we will soon realize that we aren’t destined to be the next big thing like we always imagined to be in the near future.  And that’s a great thing, why? Because we will finally realize the beauty in being true to ourselves, and true to our potential. We will break out of the need to be great and somehow we might actually achieve greatness in the process.

The greatness that is achieved by looking at yourself every morning and seeing the endless possibilities of today, investing the thoughts of the hyper reality of the future into you, the person that you are right now. Savor every phase of life, enjoy the appetizer of life without anticipating the dessert.  If we really start seizing the day, we might actually feel alive rather than being  a mere imaginative though of what we could do or be 20 years from now.

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