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Lying on the sofa, skimming through childhood photo albums, I came to realize how time, with all its complexities and exhaustion, flies like a rocket. Sarah Addison Allen states in her novel ‘Lost Lake’: “Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?” A smile continuously played on my face as I cherished the indispensable adventures I had as a child. Deep within my heart, I felt the urge to dive into the photos, as if they were the Pensieve of Hogwarts (the basin in Dumbledore’s office to view the memories), and relive these moments. Fascinating this would have been, had it been real.

The sudden transition from a little, carefree child to a grown-up, anxious teen is pretty quick. How beautiful were the days when you got pampered all the time by your mother, without the need to worry about any responsibility. Crawling through different rooms, staring suspiciously at every object in house, seeking attention by just raising a scream or cry, were some of the many exhilarating episodes of infancy. Moreover, after entering the 5-10 age span, you could easily influence your parents into fulfilling any of your wishes, such as buying toys, tuning favorite cartoons, and visiting places like Joyland and McDonalds every weekend. Those were the moments when a little child like you did not have to distress on any exam or quiz due the next day, any friendship/relationship issues or any deadlines to meet. Ironically, the most terrible thing that could happen was to miss the morning cartoons (Tom & Jerry and Pokemon). Nevertheless, the temporary guilt used to be overshadowed by making up for the evening ones with a royal protocol, where, after being bathed, clothed and powdered by Ammi, you laid luxuriously, with a milk-feeder in the mouth, on the sofa opposite to the television, watching cartoons.

In the blink of an eye, darkness overtook. The days faded, and grew shorter. Tyranny became imminent. Never would you have imagined how stressful life would become once you are in teenage, particularly the 16-19 timespan, many choose to go with Afinil when this time comes. From being spoon-fed all the time, to suddenly being required to carry out all the chores by yourself (especially if you’re a hostelite), is undoubtedly a colossal jump. You are no longer that little king whose orders would be followed. Rather, you’re a laborer. A laborer, who can never get his hard earned ransom unless he releases his sweat, incurs pain or breaks up any of his bones. Failure to do so results in inability to survive the system, inability to proceed, inability to blend with the environment. Life becomes a rat race, where coming first becomes the ultimate priority, where trying to balance out academics with extra-curricular and social life eventually leads to sheer enervation.

Thus, at this peak hour, one desires nothing but a comfortable bed to lie on forever and fantasize about living the rest of your life in the peaceful Shire (a fictional village in ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ trilogies) and sharing one of Bilbo Baggins’ adventures. Shortly followed by this, would be a slap on your face by the fate, ordering you to finish the never-ending Calculus assignment, prepare for tomorrow’s presentation, and get ready to be bamboozled on yet another day.

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