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On 29th October, Tuesday morning, an MBM staff worker was caught siphoning petrol from a motorbike in the student parking.   

The owner of the bike, a student who wishes to remain anonymous, reported the incident to the authorities. Once the Office of Student Affairs (OSA)  received a complaint about the issue, an investigation was carried out. It later came to light that, in fact, a warden from one of the male hostels had asked the MBM worker to steal the fuel for him. A representative from the OSA said that:

“From what we came to know, the warden and the MBM worker had some sort of agreement prior to the theft. It wasn’t a case where the employee was coerced into doing this, but something he was willing to do and then later, reap the benefits.” 

The OSA claimed that the consequences for such actions were immediate, with both the hostel warden and the MBM staff member being removed from their positions of employment with the university. The punishment was swift in order to set a precedent.  

With regard to the consequences, the Student Council said: “If the warden had been given leeway in this situation, then it would have encouraged others to follow a similar practice.”

When asked if there was a history of such cases on campus, The Post was assured by the OSA that this was not a common occurrence. 

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