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By Usama Shahid

On Saturday the 30th of January, LUMS hosted its annual career fair in its sports complex. Career fairs are as important as the careers we have all come here to pursue. After all we are here to make our careers successful and get amazing jobs that will pay for our BMWs and penthouses, all we want is to have a boss that will give us background checks for employees during our shifts. It gives students a chance to talk to companies about what needs to be done to become a part of their enterprise and it’s only here the students (read theetas) realise that getting a good GPA is only the tip of the iceberg and they need to have some extracurricular on their resume’s as well. This year was no different with more than 50 companies participating in the fair leaded by multi-billion dollar enterprises like PTCL, Engro and the famous online retailer

The kiosks placed by companies were interactive and generally very successful, with a lot of studts bringing in their resumes for the company representatives to have a look at and let them know where they stand on job prospects.

The stalls for the companies were being prepped for students from the 28th of January with the sports complex sealed off for everyone in preparation for the general body. At 10 am Saturday the 30th of January, the doors of the sports complex were open to students for the fair. The companies present knew that it was the time when they would attract students to their respective companies and each stall had a unique way of luring students to themselves with many kiosks having games that the students could win to earn prizes and a few brought merchandise (read mufta) that the students received just for visiting their stall.

The turnout to the fair was huge, as expected, and overall the organisers for the event did a pretty great job. The students present had a very informative and fun time. The one thing that was not expected but was provided to the amazement of everyone present, was the opportunity of internships. The companies present were offering students internships based on their years and qualifications. The internships present enticed students to the advantage of applying for internships this summer. This was the final career fair for almost a one-fourth of LUMS student body i.e. the seniors and they took full advantage of this by pestering company individuals to the fullest.

All-in-all the Career Fair was very successful with a lot of students (read theetas) getting their resumes analysed and the layman getting a chance to lay back and enjoy the muftas. The chance to have our roads paved towards a successful career was not ignored by students and everyone present strived to take full advantage of this opportunity.

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