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By Hamza Sarfaraz

Donation Drive for Earthquake victims still has one more day to go. The drive has fortunately been a big success as the targets set by the admin were met well before time. Raw cash amounts to more than 10 lacs (a major bulk coming from within the LUMS community) has been collected. Also, there have been significant external donations amounting to around 3 lacs. Leftover money from previous campaigns, and approximately 2 lacs of cash came from Rizq receipts.DSC_0796

Currently, the cash target has been achieved and reception of raw cash has been stopped. There is more focus on collecting material donations including things that are of immediate importance. For now, it is heartening to see that one storeroom has been completely filled with new materials coming in swiftly while others are filling up too. The admin itself has made major purchases including tents, blankets, edibles etc. According to the volunteers, there are currently enough goods to provide basic facilities to at least 700/800 people including food, water, shelter, sanitary materials, etc. Furthermore there is 15-20 days of ration available at hand to fulfill the very basic needs of the victims displaced by the earthquake. There has also been a major external donation of a 100 sacks of rice that will be taken to the affected areas. Such iconic examples of communal grief and a united struggle for rehabilitation revive deadened sparks of hope and make one realize how we still live today as a nation!

Overall, the drive was able to collect around 1 lac per day excluding all the material donations they received. The Donation Drive is a collaboration between LCSS, who provide volunteers alongside independently collected donations for victims, the Student Council which runs the general administration and finances, and LAS which is providing tents and assistance to the volunteers on their trip to the North. Apart from them, Turr Lahore, Rizq, Chai Chalk, Hum Ahang and DRUMS are merging forces to raise awareness and arrange external sources of donations. The Donation Drive will be ending tomorrow evening so that it can start packing and arranging materials to be transported to the affected areas by the volunteers.

Hats off to the entire team that has been managing this campaign and to all those who are donating selflessly for a cause that can afford lives at the cost of our extravagant luxuries!

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