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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life what we make.” –Winston Churchill

By Usama Shahid

LUMS has always been responsive whenever the country is in need. The earthquake that shook the nation on 26th October 2015 was no different. The LUMS student council in collaboration with the LUMS Community Service Society, the LUMS Adventure Society, Chai Chalk and TurrLahore, is conducting a relief drive for the areas most affected by the earthquake, including (but not limited) to the Shangla district. The campaign called LUMS Relief Drive is collecting cash, blankets, shoes, clothes and dry ration.

The drive, starting on the 28th of October, will last a week until the 4th of November. On the 5th of November, 10 students from all societies and student run bodies will collaborate to form a team. It would then be led by the adventure society to the affected areas, as they are most experienced in the northern, mountain ranges of Pakistan. The Student Council and LCSS will be using the donations to buy any or all needed medical supplies, blankets, shoes etc.

The first day of a week-long drive was relatively low key as it was rushed and could not gain as much steam. Nevertheless, it still managed to collect more than Rs. 300,000 in donations! Even though the figures are impressive, the need of the hour still exceeds our aid by a great margin. With all due commendation to the organizers of this drive, the situation calls for us to stay united, support campaigns such as these, and stand shoulder to shoulder with those who have lost everything to the past catastrophe.



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  1. Hi,

    Great effort. Akhtar Nawaz, BSc 2012, is from Chitral. He is in touch with Chitral Community Development Network which is a network of Union Council Based Organizations (know as TTOs). Akhtar can connect you guys with CCDN and if you agree, CCDN will disburse the donations at village level in Chitral — i.e. no one from LUMS will have to travel to Chitral, goods could be sent to Chitral / CCDN thorugh bilti etc. (Akhtar can also help in bilti also).

    I hope it helps. If you want to contact Akhtar, write to him Akhtar Nawaz

    All the best,

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