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by Zoha Fareed Chishti

Social distancing seems to be the order of the day, with the Coronavirus Pandemic impacting everyday life globally. The student council has developed an Online Activities Program, in the hope that it would help ease and aid social distancing for the Lums Community. We reached out to Abdullah Haroon ‘21, General Secretary of the Student Council. Haroon explained that the idea was developed in order to motivate the Lums community to socially isolate, after there was an exponential increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan.  He said, “We (the student council) hoped to provide students online activities, similar to what they are used to on Campus, which would help them stay at home during this time.”  

In addition to that, Haroon also mentioned that the need to reduce panic was one of the motivating factors behind this program. He explained that, “Since the students had nothing to do, they were constantly hitting ‘refresh’ and scavenging for details and updates, which only induced panic. These activities will hopefully serve as a distraction.”  

Haroon further mentioned that the Student Council had taken to discuss this idea with the Vice Chancellor, who also expressed his enthusiasm towards this program. Haroon recalled a statement made by the VC, “In situations of uncertainty, only those people who learn to adapt are the ones who survive.” It was precisely this thought that triggered the development of these Online Programs. Haroon explained that the Student Council believed that if courses can move online, our societies can also adapt accordingly.  

The pilot phase of the Program has been initiated already, under which three activities have been introduced. The registration is open, and the link is available on Lums Discussion Forum. 

  1. LUMS eSports Club (with ESL)- A PUBG Mobile Cup has been announced. All proceeds from the tournament will go to Charities acquiring rations for families in need. 
  1. LUMS Book Club (with PLUMS) 
  1. Health and Fitness Classes (With LUMS Shredded) 

The Student Council is testing the response from these activities and hopes to expand the Online Activities Program, by involving the remaining societies as well.  

Haroon, as a parting note, mentioned that these activities are the way to show that LUMS is not just a campus, but rather the ideals and the values we all hold close as a community. He explained that, “Just because the campus is closed, that shouldn’t mean that we are all away from LUMS. We are still one community, which will be seen through these activities.” 

While the times may be challenging, we all must do our part by acting responsibly. Here’s to a socially distant, but a virtually close LUMS community. 

Maira Asaad

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