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By Anas Bilal

Adwheels, currently incubated at National Incubation Center Lahore, is a startup focused on using hologram technology in the advertisement industry. They aim to replace obsolete billboards and posters with, what they claim, is the medium through which digital ads will be displayed in the future.

“Advertisement industry abroad is very innovative. The trend is to come up with creative ways to advertise products indoors which, in Pakistan, is limited to posters and flyers. With our product, we are going to change that!” said Kamran Ali, founder of Adwheels, when he was asked about the motivation behind his startup. The emphasis on revolutionizing the Advertising industry is also reflected in their tagline: “Smart Advertising Technology”.

The device is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the advertisement. It is customizable; making what is displayed on the device easy to change. It comes in four different sizes, 43, 50, 56, 65 cm and multiple devices can be synchronized together to form a larger display. It also comes with a smartphone app which is connected to the device via Bluetooth.

When asked why their product is a better substitute to the current method of advertisements, Ali replied that Adwheels is more power efficient than a conventional LED, but more importantly, Adwheels is far more captivating than still posters. Customers are attracted to an advertisement that is live and the technology also allows for adding more information about the product in lesser space.

Already through the pre-launch phase, the device will be officially launched coming December at Expo Centre Lahore.

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