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By Tayiba Ahmed

In this atmosphere of fear and threat due to recent controversial issues, LUMS Religious Society decided to hold a Milaad, inviting scholars from Karachi to speak and recite Na’ats. The mehfil was held in the central courtyard and the turn-out was huge.

The set-up was perfect, with heaters among the crowd to deter the slight chill in the air. The courtyard was filled even before the Milaad started. Students were welcomed by recordings of na’ats as they sat down, until the event started. An almost spiritual atmosphere took over when the event started with a beautiful Qur’an recitation, followed by na’at recitations by talented LUMS students.

These few recitations were then followed by Mr. Mehmood ul Hassan Ashrafi, who led the event by reciting na’ats in interims along with sweet saying about our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H). By then the courtyard filled up further with yet more students. Then came Mr. Raza Saqib Mustafai and delivered a beautiful lecture on the Prophet (P.B.U.H), his sayings and his way of life. He talked about righteousness and consideration towards others. The lecture was a captivating experience for almost everyone present especially when the event came to an end with a dua’a by Maulana Bashir Farooqi.

The event gave a much needed break to incorporate spirituality back into our lives and the entire student body was grateful to LUMS Religious Society for hosting such an event.

Salaam us par ke jis ne Badshahin mein faqiri ki

Salaam us par ke jis ne galiyan sun kar duaein din


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  1. I am lums alumni .. I planned to attend this but due to some personal work couldn’t . Was there a recording audio or video of the event .. can it be shared ?

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