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There’s a new burger place in town that is sure to creep into your list of favorite places to eat at. ‘Nama Burger’ is located in the heart of the H-Block Market in DHA, a convenient location that is already quite well known for its numerous food outlets. What makes Nama Burger stand out from the numerous eateries in its vicinity as well as countless other burger places in the city is its unique menu; it offers a very creative and modern take on traditional classic burgers such as the ‘chapli’ and ‘shami’ burger. Served with chutneys and eggs, the burgers are sure to take you down memory lane to the roadside burgers you had as a kid. Some creative variations of the traditional paratha round up the mouth-watering menu offered here. However, it doesn’t just stop with the creativity and uniqueness, the food also tastes great and is definitely worth your money. The flavors in each dish work together perfectly, a feat hard to achieve while reinterpreting traditional food. Every item on the menu is worth a shot and is sure to leave you begging for more. And the fact that this traditionally roadside food is available away from all the noise and dust of the road and without all the health risks attached should alone be enough to convince you to get up and visit Nama Burger. Apart from the numerous delicacies that the place has to offer, its ambient atmosphere and friendly environment are one of the many attractive characteristics of the place. I for one am sure heading back there with my friends this coming weekend and I would urge you to try the place as well. I’m sure you’ll thank me!

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