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Quiet halls and humid Lahore
The clock strikes six, I just had fries
4 point ohs walk to their class and
I turn to bliss, where my bed lies

Twas one, then two then three am
The hours went by like sand in glass
The cool AC felt safe as bliss
Twas four then five then six, alas

The walk of shame as some may call
This act of rebellion here
Is more than often a cause of
A failed quiz, missed class, here and there

Nothing to do as friends highlight
The heat against SDSB
The cheap cheap food at pdc
I really really need to be

In my own room or study rooms
My quizzes are a second away
I’m freaking out, I think I’m drunk
I think I really need AA

I hope today im something more
I have high hopes from my own mind
That very one that was a nerd
Which night life left deaf, dumb and blind

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