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“Nothing tends more to cement the hearts of people than praying together.”  ~ Charles Finney

By Tayiba Ahmed

On 28th October, a vigil was held in LUMS for the victims of the recent earthquake. Causing more than 300 deaths and 1100 casualties, this earthquake was a devastating blow to the Pakistani community.  Lit candles and an atmosphere of grief-stricken silence surrounded the student body as they stood in unison to pray for the departed souls. And among this silence was the heart-felt prayer of every student, well wishes to the families of the departed and to those displaced from their homes.

The vigil started with students lighting candles, their faces illuminated by the flickering flames. Standing among the students, a somber mood eclipsed me. Thinking about the people who lost their lives, the people they left behind, the homes destroyed, the devastation caused by the earthquake, made me think about the privileges we don’t realize we posses. In a week of stressful mid-terms, every student thought about how hard their lives were (my self-included) and how it is the end of the world. After attending the vigil, I realized this was absolutely nothing compared to the hardships people are facing  in relief camps, after having lost their homes, families and friends. .If I realized anything from this vigil, it was to count my blessings and help those in need. This silent reflection struck me and in that moment my heart went out to all those who fell prey to this disastrous incident.IMAG0292

The vigil was followed by an extensive dua’a for the sufferers as the students raised hands in a united show of support to all the victims. It was then followed by details of a relief camp and collection drive being set up within LUMS, and an encouragement for donations for victims of this quake.

A collection drive is set up near the volleyball court. Warm clothes, shoes and money are being collected. I would urge everyone to donate as much as you possibly can. After all, unbeknownst to you, you might be saving someone’s life and rebuilding many others.


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