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When you wake up and realize you only slept for two hours


You tell yourself you’re above this


The alarm is not your best friend

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. You is going to be late. - best alarm sequence!:


At least your ability to get yourself ready comes in handy


The instructor has a special talent of lulling you to sleep


You vow that you will no longer laugh at your friend for sleeping in class


When you unashamedly procrastinated all night


Later that night, you realise you have an assignment to finish


And end up making ridiculous mistakes you never believed you could make


You try entertain the possibility of a nap


The only solution



Afterwards, you end up taking a 12-hour power nap

University life is a challenge to your basic needs, but LUMS is a bigger challenge to face!!

Mahnoor Fatima

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