Posted on: April 29, 2020 Posted by: Hira Anwar Comments: 0

On 29th October 2019, Student Council’s (SC) Student Action Committee (SAC), chaired by member Mahnoor Saeed ‘20, along with a group of students, arranged a gathering titled “Academic Freedom”. This event was arranged in light of recent impositions of censorship on art and academic debates.

On Sunday 27th October 2019, men in plain shirts forcibly shut down an art exhibition at Frere Hall. Incidents like this, some of them directly concerning LUMS, represent a national trend of growing suppression of free speech deeming necessary for the SC to hold this discussion. According to the SAC, this gathering is the first of a series of talks to be arranged by SC to discuss the nationwide attacks on freedom of speech.

The floor was open to everyone, encouraging participation from both faculty members and students alike. The objection raised against the talk was primarily centered around its content, how the fifth-generation warfare propaganda is used as a pretext to target voices critical of those in power.  

The student council also took this opportunity to clarify their restrictions in organization of this event. 

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