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Reminiscing the stereotypes at LUMS covered by our members, we have compiled them here for you.

The Gym Buff

By Maliha Naseer

Once you see those broad pair of shoulders, a brawny torso and hair being shaved to the point that you can even see the scalp, you will start wondering what on earth this military college guy is doing in LUMS.  His athletic tanned body shouts out that his entire lifetime has been spent either in gym or in front of the mirror. In his workout gear and black a.k.a dabang, shades he moves around the campus with an air of authority. In a window seat while gulping down a protein-shake, speaking in a deep muffled voice he occasionally remarks ‘Boy, bohat heavy scene hai!’

GPA? Of course not! His priorities clearly hover between maintaining his six-pack and biceps.

His supreme Don’t-Mess-With-Me reputation and a flock of girls chasing him down the campus are definitely some solid reasons to workout. You will indeed find him in the close vicinity of sports complex with almost sweat drenched hair and a towel hanging around his neck.

Note: In case you unfortunately pick a fight with him, do ask for a minute or two to scribble down your final will. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR! *squeaks like Effie Trinket*

The Unambitious Nihilist

By Rameen Naveed

Sasha is a person who does not know what she’s doing in a place crawling with ambitious people, so she does the next best thing – ensures that people’s GPA fall.

She’s always telling her friends to bunk classes. She makes it look like it’s the coolest thing to do. Her laid back attitude is enchanting in that it makes people loosen up about their own academic problems. She never attends the classes which have no attendance policies. She’s the last person you would see worrying about the quiz that’s going to be taken the next day. She would rather be sitting in the SSE ground, a cigarette dangling from her mouth, a cup of black coffee by her side, telling her friends about the pointlessness of life. She’s read Neitzsche, Kant, Darwin and other formidable biggies.

Caring about physical appearances isn’t really her thing, but she still likes to flaunt the fact that she doesn’t care about what she wears to campus. She can usually be seen wearing her favorite jeans, which are frayed at the ends with wear. She likes to pair them with the first shirt that she can find on top of her bundle of clothes, pairing them with her almost falling apart sneakers. She prefers t-shirts. She has the emo look down, with long tresses of black hair and a pale complexion. Black eyeliner is the only cosmetic she’ll put on her face. She hangs out with her friends; sometimes preferring long conversations, sometimes content just sitting in silent companionship.

The Average Feminist at LUMS


Meet Emme – the average feminist at LUMS.

She is most likely to be found posting pro feminist items on Facebook. You can also catch her hanging out at the Khoka with her girl friends and occasionally one or two guy friends. You might see her representing FemSoc at the khoka while asking people why they need feminism.

Emme hopes to erase the stereotypes associated with being a feminist and clarify misconceptions that people have about this ideology. For example, feminism does not equal hating men. However, Emme has considered pursuing her life as a single woman because: who needs men?

Emme tends to be feisty at times, so it would be a wise decision to avoid indulging in a heated argument over ‘humanism’ with her because it seems to us that she has claws, a streak of madness and is not afraid to bite.

The LRS Guys


From the fashionistas who follow up-to-the-minute trends and the occasionally spotted wardrobe malfunctions and the nerds lurking in the library and the many other cliques and gangs and groups – LUMS is often much reminiscent of high school.

Wearing pure white, crisp kurtas and white caps resting on their heads, they might look as Rin’s brand ambassadors with a functional promise of ‘peela-pan hatao chamak dikhao!’ – these are LRS boys, or in LUMS lingo, bois.

As you gaze down you may notice that their trousers are generally tied a bit above their waistlines — some even wear white Capri pants for further convenience. These men are genuinely pleased to rally round when you ask them to, but mostly take a shine to their own kind. They go to and fro the campus, mostly murmuring something under their breaths with I-love-minding-my-own-business kind of face. Be prepared to be swept away with their speaking skills in all CP stressed courses. And they definitely stand out as the ones who have preserved their identity in the hubbub of YOLO culture.

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