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By Yumna Shaukat

Update for the week: The REC space has been closed off till 31st December 2015 for renovation purposes.

When I first read out the email to my friends, that REC was going to be closed for renovation, we were elated.

happy excited great awesome exciting

For a few minutes we wondered about all the possibilities of dreamy hygiene and possible lavishness.

Horror struck when I got to the part where it said, “.. Chop Chop, Zakir Tikka, SubWay and Flavors will be suspended till the 31st of December 2015.”

Cheezburger tv celebrities shock emotions

Faces of joy turned into those of despair and anxiety as we realized that translated into forty days. Forty days of the horror that will be the lack of options for everyday meals. The same dilemma broke out on LDF too where concerns of unemployment and the unavailability of PDC during the night and some hours of the day were being frantically addressed.

Since we are all mourning celibacy from the REC food outlets for forty days, the rather extended period ascribed to renovation are automatically brimming up high expectations from the students. When I asked a student about his opinion on the matter, he replied that, “If they do not bring up the hygiene level this time, this will all be for nothing.” Some asserted that this renovation is much needed and that they are expectant of an “odorless, mosquito-less, cat-less, better looking REC, with cleaner tables and more seating space.” One comical guy also commented that, “Yaar, agar Zakir ke raitay se baal na nikla is baar, mein bohut khush honga.” One excited freshman wished that the ‘secluded REC’ would look more fitting for LUMS students and less for retired people.

space jam promise pray praying

LUMS is one the most prestigious universities of Pakistan. It’s high time we are provided with hygienic and healthy food in a warm and welcoming environment. So let’s all wait these 40 days out.
Here’s hoping the administration does not disappoint.

And that the guy’s hope for a nice, clean raita is fulfilled.

Fingers crossed!

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