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By Seher Mohsin

Open mics seem to have become a sort of group therapy at LUMS. On the 5th of November DRUMS decided that the student body needed a much deserved rant session after a period of time now known to us as the “Mid Month.”
There were tears, there was terror, but there was an atmosphere of acceptance that opened everyone up at the end. From Shahryar Manzar’s rant on buzzfeed and the RO, to Arooj Naveed’s hastily composed poem, to Muhammad Ahmad Tirmizi’s open letter to his friends’ haters and his explanation on composition, everything and anything was accepted. (Except singing- that would get them into trouble with the music society.) While the open mic had been started to promote spoken word at LUMS by Asma Afzal and Jeehan Malik , it seems to have been turned into an event that brings about catharsis. While both Asma and Jeehan recited original compositions at the event- the show was stolen by two freshmen (one who didn’t want her picture taken and so I assume she will not want to be named) who reduced the audience to tears. The other was Shayan Manzar with his Manzar model of happiness that seemed to encapsulate the feelings of a lot of people around him.

Directors Sara Obaid and Mariam Ali Bokhari had both been worried about continuing open mics at LUMS; would people attend, would there be someone who laughed at the person on stage, would SS auditorium be empty, would the freshmen have any interest in the event at all. Well, their fears were misplaced. SS auditorium was packed, people were accepting, the show was stolen by freshmen, and there was a warm friendly atmosphere that resulted in many jokes, lots of laughs, tears and a much needed cleansing for all the people involved.


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