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Just as there is a steep jump in a heavy-side function in Calculus, the transition from high-school to LUMS also entails drastic academic and social changes. Often taken for granted by most of students, this sudden change is not managed effectively by all. Some of the most significant changes are:

1. Marathon induction
One literally feels like running a marathon: plenty of classes, dozens of quizzes, pending group presentations, declining health and ever escalating pressure to maintain a social life. We have been in schools all this time where the most we had to care were the exams which too were taken care of weeks before the date.

2. Food Crisis
In O-week, everyone is content by the numerous food outlets. Now you have PDC, Zakir, Chop-Chop, Jammin Java, Bombay and whatnot over that demented school cafeteria. How worse it would be anyway? Flash forward to a couple of months and suddenly it dawns upon all of us that we’re stuck with PDC. At least, the comfort of food being presented magically in a tray at home is reassuring along with keeping your wallet in check. But how does one actually make that walk from dorms in order to silence those hunger pangs at 2 am?

3. Managing the bucks
Till now, we were never concerned with financial management; money simply was not our headache to bear. Wants were met up by the ATM machine naturally conferred upon us. However, at LUMS, there is a limit to the number of parties, events, or trips one can attend or else one would end up been seen at PDC all the time.

On top of everything else, there is a huge expectation from the freshmen to suddenly start “adulting” as soon as they set foot in LUMS. This very concept of transitioning is challenging and hence it is one of the numerous ways how university transforms one into a complete independent individual.

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