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Enough talk about all these freshmen and their fresh ways. Not only is the campus brimming with these little balls of sunshine, the LDS website is also filled with freshmen-related articles. Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that freshmen are, in fact, the most popular visitors of our website; but it’s high time we shift our attention to perhaps the least talked about year in college: the Sophomore year.

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After a gruelling year full of quizzes, assignments and exams, you can officially call yourself a veteran. The summer seems to have convinced you that the next year wont be too hard because, let’s face it, you’ve been through it all! Sure, the courses will be harder, you have a major to work hard for and the work load would increase. It won’t not be a breeze, but you can handle it, right?

Wrong. So very wrong.

The year starts off with a bang when the whole universe (really, just the instructors) conspire together to make your life miserable. You realize that they were just being easy on you the year before and quizzes have made an unattractive reappearance in your life in the very first week. Assignments are now not just for the occasional course, but for every single one of them and are dished out to you at the speed of light. Before you realize it, you’re buried under a ton of deadlines and the mid-semester crises begins. Did you choose the wrong major? Or the wrong school? Or the wrong side of PDC for lunch?

Remember calculus from freshman year? Yeah, that seems as peaceful as the cricket ground on a foggy morning. Enter calculus II: the spawn of Satan. Of course, nobody is going to mention when a new webwork assignment is out, because what’s the fun in that? It’s much too fun to just be blissfully ignorant until the deadline passes and watch as the TAs feed off the horror on your faces when you finally realize it.

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Meanwhile, some of you will be busy completing your university cores. While it might have seemed okay in the Freshman year to aimlessly slouch in a seat for two hours, maybe even manage a nap in Islamic Studies, it all seems a little too unnecessary now. Spending the rest of the time in a mad dash to prepare for quizzes and submit last-minute assignments, time in these classes seems to come to a standstill in comparison. Who cares about the woes of Mamdot and Daultana, and what good would come out of knowing what dangling modifiers are? As if all the endless readings weren’t enough, before you know it, it’s time to dress up and talk as if you’ve been paying attention to everything from the beginning.

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But being a sophomore sure has its perks. You’re no longer on the bottom rung of the social ladder. With a year’s worth of the LUMS experience under your belt, you find yourself giving unsolicited advice to freshmen as they try to contain their horror. It feels amazing to introduce yourself as a Soph — but only as long as no GPA talk comes around. A year down in college and it feels like you’re finally making some progress. Having said that, it is also a pretty confusing time in your life. One minute, you’re fresh out of freshman year (no pun intended) and the feel of college is still new, but in the next minute, the year’s over and you’re halfway through college already!

How did time fly by so fast?

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