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Since the creation of the Jewish state Israel on the Palestinian land in 1948, innocent and unarmed Palestinians have suffered countless causalities at the hands of the Israel.  According to The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), about 5100,000 Palestinians have been killed since 1948 and a systematic genocide involving measures such as the psychologically appalling conditions of the Israeli prisons, forcible transferring of children and the separation of families is being carried out by Israel, via various UNICEF reports.

The recent serious outbreak of ongoing violence in Israel-Palestine erupted as a result of a series of inhumane acts carried out by Israel in the month of August, with the incident on the 13th of September in the al-Aqsa mosque acting as the final trigger. In August, Israel demolished 145 residential structures, displacing more than 200 Palestinians, including 126 children and in some instances, leaving Palestinians without shelter in excruciating temperatures, often soaring to 42 degrees.  According to initial reports, 26 attacks on the Gaza strip were also carried out, which resulted in 195 Palestinians injured and 3 casualties. The final trigger eventually came on 13th September when armed Israeli forces entered the al-Aqsa mosque shooting tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets on the Palestinians inside and damaging the interior of the mosque.  The Palestinians have responded to the damage to the al-Aqsa mosque and its subsequent closure to Muslim worshippers by attempting to stab Israeli soldiers, and by throwing stones and the Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers. Since 14 September, over 1,734 Palestinians have been arrested, 78 have been killed and over 8,262 have been injured, according to the Middle-East monitor.  The situation in West Bank and Jerusalem has escalated to the point of it being labelled as The Third Intifada which, in Palestinian context, refers to the independence of Palestine from the Jews.

Still more shocking however, is the support of Israeli acts by the majority of European nations and their media. Israel has been able to gather full support of its actions, especially from the USA, by portraying the violence carried out against the unarmed Palestinians as a legitimized retaliation in response to the initial instigation by ‘terrorists Palestinians’. The impression conveyed implies that the Palestinians’ hatred of Jews is the root cause of the ongoing violence and not the other way around. For example, many international news channels have chosen, as before, to portray the Palestinians as the main provokers of the ongoing violence by highlighting the knife-stabbing incidents following the attack on the al-Aqsa mosque as the main cause behind the subsequent violence. According to a BBC report, “There has been a spate of stabbings and gun attacks on Israelis by Palestinians since early October, and one apparent revenge stabbing by an Israeli. The attacks, some of which have been fatal, have struck in Jerusalem.….. and in occupied West Bank. Israel has tightened security and clashed with rioting Palestinians, leading to deaths on the Palestinian side. There has also been associated violence in the border area inside the Gaza Strip.”

Notably, the violence displayed by the Israeli soldiers on 13 September, which actually provoked the knife-stabbing etc. is not mentioned at all and the statement clearly implies that the Palestinian’s death are a consequence of their own actions and hence, not regrettable.

To lend further encouragement to Israeli violence, Hilary Clinton recently made it clear in one of her articles in the American-Jewish newspaper, ‘The Forward’ that she ‘vows to strength the ties with Israel after becoming the President’. Blatantly ignoring the ongoing cruelty being exhibited by Israel, Clinton further mentioned that, “I will do everything I can to……strengthen America’s security commitment to Israel, ensuring that it always has the qualitative military edge to defend itself.’’ What Mrs. Clinton clearly forgot to elaborate on was whom exactly Israel needs to defend itself from. From those Palestinians whose supply of food, medicine, and energy is itself controlled by Israel, with Israel recently banning the “wooden boards thicker than 1 cm (as opposed to 5 cm previously)” from entering into Ghaza without special authorization because of the notion that wooden boards might be used by civilians for ‘military’ use?

With the ongoing violence escalating in Jerusalem and the heavy causalities being incurred on the Palestinian side as always, it is about time that US shakes up the false pretences of being a hegemon of peace when in reality US blatantly supports the terrorist activities of Israel. With the Presidential candidate vowing to lend further support to Israel, the future of Palestine continues to appear bleak unless the conscience of the world, which has been blinded by the Israeli manipulation of the reality, is able to visualize the truth about the cruelty that has been carried out upon innocent Palestinians in their own homeland. Furthermore, it is the moral duty of every state to condemn Israeli violence as staying silent is equivalent to lending support to Israel. To quote Dan Brown, ‘There is a special place in Hell for those who maintain their neutrality in moral crises’. It is time the world wakes up to recognize the brutality of the Israeli military occupation of Palestine which has ultimately led to the ‘Third Intifada’ and to join hands to stop the systematic genocide of Palestinians.

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  1. Well written article highlighting israeli cruelties on palestine through elucidation of facts and figures. Utilitarian and hypocritical instincts of media and so called super power are evidently put into light by the writer , which surely serves as a eye-opener for the reader.

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