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I must start this with the heartiest congratulations to all of you who have made it to LUMS. You are soon going to learn why you are the lucky few. You are going to come across people outside of LUMS who will tell you that LUMS has fallen in standards or that other universities in Pakistan are better ranked and whatnot, out of envy of your achievement. You would do well to ignore them. After all, you now have to be critical of most things you hear in life. LUMS will bring out that intellectual vigor inside you to discover things for yourself.

The best thing about being in a university such as LUMS is that it provides a stimulating environment for anything and everything that you want to do. There are all kinds of people here: the motivated and strong willed who take initiatives and gather up people for causes, the studious and scholarly giants who spend their time indulged in topping their respective batches, the hedonists who are mostly here to enjoy the liberal and tolerant party life that LUMS provides, the lazy and presumptuous wise-asses who criticize everything that others more ambitious than themselves do, the opportunists who grab every chance the university throws at them, the morally righteous and religious, the hypocrites, the hippies, and the various other kinds that I’ve failed to mention. This is basically what LUMS is, it brings people of all backgrounds and preferences together and ensures that after 4 years of weighing and considering, you come out as a person of more tolerant beliefs and practices. Our country, and the world at present, need people who are open-minded and understanding of others’ lives. Some ideas do contradict with the conventions of the society in which most of us have been brought up, but it is now our responsibility to learn how to deal with them.

While LUMS certainly is no Harvard or MIT, our foreign trained faculty and the ambience in which this university thrives is no different than that of the most prestigious universities in the world. And when you hear news of your fellow students moving up in the world, or going for exchange programs in the many external universities that LUMS allows you to go to for a couple of semesters, it will also compel you to do something great. LUMS produces great men and women for this world, people who make you proud and gratified that you have also been given a chance at the best college in the country. Now, you have been given the opportunity to use it and deliver something great for your country and the whole world. We are all humans in the end and we have to stand up for one another. The world faces many problems currently e.g. terrorism, poverty, injustice, the threat of nuclear war, discrimination et al. Make the most of this opportunity, my dear luminites. I wish you all the luck over the coming years and I hope that one day, you and I can make an effort to make this world a better place for generations to come.

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