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This is our Motorway:

It was made by this guy:

Prime Minister by day, Nihari King of the Punjab…also by day.

The motorway has been a host to many colorful vehicles since its completion in the 90’s. However, there are certain experiences without which the trip on the motorway seems incomplete. From family road trips to traveling alone by the Daewoo, here are some things which definitely play a part in the Motorway experience:

    • Stuffing everything and everyone into the car

  1. Driving past the Toll Plaza, thus making your trip official
    *Highway to Hell plays in the background*


  2. Looking out of the window like you are in a movie sequenceExpectation:




  3. Trying to read all the signs as they pass by
    “Is that town spelled ‘Say-lem or Saa-lem’?”


  4. Sleeping on your sibling/cousin/friend and vice versa
    “Did you just fart on me?”


  5. Catching the WiFi of a nearby bus
    Thank you, random Daewoo bus!


    Snack Time!


  7. Loading up on questionable tea and obscure snacks
    Still tastes good to me!


  8. Discovering a dirty bathroom stall
    Perhaps, I’ll try the other stall…


  9. You’re back on the road! And it feels like forever
It’s been 84 years…


11) When the journey ends

Let’s do this again…after a long nap.


Mahnoor Fatima

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