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By Minahil Raza

As you walk through the dimly lit entrance with severed hands and skeletons hanging from the walls, you anticipate the theme of ‘Maut kai Mun Mein’. Thriller 2015 talked of blood and death through its posters and that’s what it delivered. (On a side note, this really did scare the shit out of a few constipated souls)

The central courtyard was dimly lit with a well set up stage and a photo booth to match. As the clock struck 8 the crowd began to trickle in and with the ultimate theme of death and music-what could go wrong? The music society kicked off the event with ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park as the crowd swayed to the tune, the event picked up its pace.

The organizers had left no stone unturned with some of the performers having outdone their costumes- whether it be two face or the bloody doctor and who could forget the lady in black filling the ‘awkward silences’ as she called them with dead baby jokes- kudos to her for keeping the crowd interested and alive (pun intended).logo

As the courtyard filled up and people jumped to the tunes some costumes turned heads- the mad hatter, the limping mummy, chucky and his bride, the grim reaper to include a few. Then there were some people who had outdone their make up with gashes, cuts and artfully placed splatters of blood.  Groups had come together to paint their faces and join in the fun. What added to the night was the idea of a ‘desi’ thriller with all posters and the theme being in Urdu- an initiative by the music society that was much appreciated. From a sufi medley, to Smells like Teen Spirit, from Billo Kai Ghar to Thriller by MJ, the music society’s ability to keep everyone in the crowd entertained was impressive. Four hours of dressed up fun; the prize for best costume went to the Mad Hatter who had the look down from the purple jacket, to the top hat to the orange eyebrows.

Hats off to the Mad Hatter!

With the night ending on a soft note with the crowd and the singers swaying to Meray Log,  this night truly awakened the dead and brought them to life!



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