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As all my life plans went down the drain, sleeping it off was all that was left. I slept it off every day until the one day I woke up to two acceptance letters; yes both from Lums. I mustered up the courage to tell my LSE family that I had discretely applied here and having assured my extended family that I was a transfer student, I started making a list of all that I had wanted from this place since I was five. I was on top of the world as many congratulations were brought to order and bittersweet goodbyes followed. This lasted but only till classes began.

With different faces in each of my classes, unfamiliar course selection process and much more that I was unaware of, it took me a while to realize I had entered a rat race. A rat race such that people did not care if you were left behind, people did not care if they knew you or not – you weren’t guaranteed a recognition in their eyes either way and worst of all, a rat race where you did not know if you were a freshman or a sophomore. I was completely averse to the concept of societies, ‘night-life’ (yes LSE closes at 6 PM) and most of all to that of how to make friends outside of class.

In Anthropology, there is a concept of liminality introduced by the French author Van Gennep. He basically talks about when we change our status, there exists an ‘in-between’ threshold/liminality and not only just a beginning and an end. In this phase, we lose all of our previous traits to form a new, better-developed self. Without romanticizing it further, let me just say that I feel like I am in a phase of constant transitioning, losing talents and discovering new ones and trying to push myself to meet new people and explore the numerous opportunities that this place has to offer. It is hard to find ground in a place where various stigmas are attached to HSS majors and the society one joins, and worst of all the LSE degradation that comes with being a Luminite. My advice to the anyone facing similar dilemmas is that it is easy to go with the flow, but it is difficult to step  aside, re-evaluate your choices and then follow a new path. So, go for it before its too late.

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