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When I walked through the gates of LUMS a few months ago, I was thrilled to be part of such a mature and intellectual environment. I was finally going to be free of petty and immature high school “drama.” No nonsense, no scandals. Or so I thought…

As we all know, the Lums Discussion Forum is a place for all Luminites to ask for help regarding various courses. But, the main focus of this group seems to have shifted to the issue of theft recently; be it food, coursepacks, cellphones, mattresses, etc. Being a day scholar, I am blessed with my mother’s homemade food every day, and even though the hostelites get to party every night, that cannot compare with a mother’s homemade Biryani *salivates*. The poor hostelites have to suffer through all the junk every single day. So, let us talk about the most important thing here: FOOD. No one likes sharing food, not Joey and especially not me. (Just do not take my fries, okay)


And what any food obsessed college student will find even worse, is when your food gets stolen. I have already read about more than 15 different cases of kebabs, bottles of Pepsi and fruit being stolen from the hostel kitchens. Who is this criminal, robbing people of their precious goods? A bandit dressed up in all black with war paint on his / her face, who climbs the hostel walls in desperation, to get a taste of those delicious kebabs? I wish this story were as interesting as that.

The ugly truth is that this wrongdoer is none other than one of our own. It might be the person you smiled at while going to the library from SDSB. It might be the person you were sharing a cigarette with, outside the Academic block. It might be the person you see sleeping on the bean bag every day in the student lounge. It might even be your very own roommate. *cue creepy music*

One solution to this travesty would be to install cameras inside the kitchens, or even put disgusting, expired items in the fridge to take revenge from this evil villain. (Yes, this has happened before) But, putting convoluted, mad scientist plans aside, the seemingly best solution to this grave issue would be to look deep within ourselves. (Done?) Now think. We study in one of the most prestigious schools in Pakistan, and we have worked so hard to get to where we are right now. Do not ruin this amazing opportunity with such pettiness. People here are so generous and wonderful. Ask before you take anything (or be prepared to suffer the consequences via tiny amounts of rat poison masala on that delicious looking tikka).

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