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You know you’re an HSS major when:

  1. Your SSE and ACF friends think that you are doing the ‘chillest’ major.
  2. Your SSE and ACF friends think you have the ‘chillest’ class schedule.
  3. Nobody has heard of your degree.
  4. And if they have, they wince a little because it sounds pretty useless.
  5. Your building is not called the HSS building. Even the Law students have a Law building now.
  6. Your vocabulary is significantly larger than most students of other schools.
  7. When you argue that Pakistani society needs to expand their thinking and educational institutions should diversify the range of subjects being taught.
  8. When people think you have a lot of free time.
  9. When econ majors think their major is the better major.
  10. When your ACF and SSE friends handle all the bills whenever you go out for dinner because you can’t handle numbers – that’s why you’re doing HSS.
  11. When your readings per day are hundred pages long but nobody seems to understand the struggle.
  12. When your non HSS friends ask you to correct their WnC essays. Or rather write them.
  13. When you don’t know whether you should major in Econ or Econ & Pol.
  14. When your non HSS friends decide to take HSS out group courses because they think it will be easy.
  15. When your parents periodically ask you: what do you plan on doing with your life?
  16. When your friends periodically ask you: what are you doing with your life?
  17. When you ask yourself periodically: what am I doing with my life?
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