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The student community at LUMS has seen some unprecedented and unforgiving challenges in the past few months. Yet, it has continued to exercise its identity as a student body that is conscious, assertive, innovative, and responsive.
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Cover illustration by Emil Hasnain ’22.

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Q&A with Malala Yousafzai | On College, Girls’ Empowerment and Role Models

Illustration by Emil Hasnain ’22 “Right now, the country is walking with one foot. When the other foot joins the walk, the walk becomes easier. When women are empowered, have equal opportunities, and you give them more space in different sectors, from politics to education, they help the country progress.” – Malala Yousafzai Earlier in June, it was announced that the keynote speaker for the Lahore University of Management Sciences…

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Campus Overcrowded?

Illustration by Emil Hasnain By Amina Omar “These freshies are taking up all the space” was perhaps the most frequently heard and uttered phrase in the first few weeks of the semester. Discussions at the start of the Fall Semester 2019 revolved largely around one thing – overcrowding, with complaints about the lack of space in popular campus facilities like the Pepsi Dining Center (PDC), although new figures from the…

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This Is Not A Play: Reviewing the Commedia dell’Arte

Hammad Bilal and Jibran Sharif | A collaboration between the Italian Embassy and Dramaline |  “It made little sense to me; what?”These were Saad Ali’s ‘22 words as we exited the source of his confusion, a performance of ‘Commedia dell’Arte’ presented by Dramaline and the Italian Embassy. Taking place on Saturday, the 2nd of November, in B3 of SDSB, this performance was put together by two Italian artists, Mr. Marco Luly…

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Food and Hygiene at LUMS – Synonymous Or Not?

Zoha Ahmed | Assessing the maintenance of hygiene across LUMS’ eateries |  It had been a tiring and gruesome day that slowly transitioned into night as Mahnoor Akhtar’23 and her friends considered food options for dinner. Having spent enough money in the morning, they quietly and unanimously settled on PDC. As Akhtar dug into the only thing on the menu that seemed appetizing that night – vegetable pulao – she…

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Smog — Combating this Menace

   Nayha Bano Khan, Heer Cheema & Maida Tahir In November ‘19, Lahore saw one of the worst cases of smog that the city has ever witnessed. The air, heavily engulfed in smoke particles, impaired visibility. While the gravity of smog extends to every individual and locality being affected, Smog is a topic of utmost concern to universities such as LUMS — they play a critical role in spreading awareness…