The LUMS Post is the official campus paper of LUMS and is a project of the LUMS Daily Student, Pakistan’s largest student-run journalism society. Since our launch in 2019, we’ve been dedicated to writing meaningful stories that resonate with our campus community.


Our Mission: Through in-depth, independent, and fair reporting, we craft compelling narratives that engage readers, elicit thoughtful responses, and stimulate dialogue and action. We actively seek input and participation from every member of our community to continuously enhance The Post.


Meet the Editorial Board 

Mehru Sultan

Editor in Chief

Theoretically, Mehru is a writer. More practically, she is a sports and film fan.  


Iman Ahmad

Junior Editor Paper

Besides unironically enjoying bad reality TV shows and films, and being chronically online, Iman likes to explore and write about fashion, gender and pop culture. If she isn’t already in her room, you’ll find her slaving away at the library or baking away her sorrows. 



Iman Attique

Junior Editor Web

Iman is an Econ-Math major who enjoys writing on climate and all things cricket. She likes to call herself an avid reader but is mostly rereading the same 2 books she likes from her school days.

Ayatain Ali


Ayatain is driven to write about global issues through a gendered lens, don’t bring up climate change in front of her if you’re not ready for a rant in response. Her book recommendations are not for the faint hearted but you hear less about those and more of her memeified, pun based humor.


Hassan Khan
When his favorite football team isn’t making him feel perfectly miserable about life, you can find Hassan passionately discussing various political issues and philosophies. He also has an unhealthy obsession with One Piece and is trying his level best not to express that obsession onto paper.

Maheen Mashhood


As a History major, Maheen likes to explore art, culture and history in her writing. When she’s not scouting out all the cats on campus, she’s working on maintaining her 40-year-old stamp collection or trying to find time for digital art.

Jalal Tarar


Jalal loves to write on sports, politics, and the politics of sports. He imagines living in his own ivory tower, writing his little poems and reading his scary books. When asked about his favourite football team post-Messi, he responded in his characteristic manner: “let the sleeping dogs lie.”


 Sheza Abbas Naqvi




Sheza’s writing circles around the forgotten yet pressing issues of our society, her articles tackle issues such as genocide, sectarian violence, and femicide. Additionally, she likes informing our readers about the current events on campus. 

A batman fanatic, she spends her free time drawing comics and mimicking the dark knight by undertaking freaky EE projects.


Anaya Shafique


Though primarily a novelist, Anaya writes about mental health, global issues, and anything related to literature. As an aspiring English major, her main hobby revolves around buying more books than she reads—an easy feat, given that she can’t even seem to complete her courses’ readings. From depressing literature to film to law (ever inspired by Jessica Pearson), Anaya’s interests span a plethora of diverse fields.

Zoya Salman


An avid foodie at heart, Zoya loves writing food reviews in her free time. She also dabbles in world affairs, history, politics and opinion pieces from time to time. 


Ahmad bin Tahir


Ahmad is an avid sports fan who is continually let down by both Chelsea and PCT. He enjoys critiquing fascist political structures and capitalist entities while conveniently majoring in Management Sciences. He loves food, Jujutsu Kaisen and debates, and aspires to one day write a piece that he will actually be happy with.

Imaan Fatima


Imaan is particularly intrigued by current political affairs around the world. She writes about and explores South Asian history and the politics of the subcontinent. You will mostly find her walking around campus with her headphones in, listening to Mitski, Deftones, or any other horribly existential form of music. Imaan also spends most of her time making several khokha chai runs and getting all her tasks done a day before her deadlines!

Jawairia Hussain


Jawairia holds a keen interest in analyzing societal and political issues, as well as pop culture, using writing as an expressive medium. When she’s not trying to survive being a law major, she indulges in daydreaming, watching shows, and drawing. She also plays the violin, and finds solace in music, particularly heavy metal.   

Daud Kharal


Forever stuck between his writing aspirations and the horror of the blank paper, Daud is a law freshman who spends time reading history and wondering whether he should have pursued astronomy after all.

Manal Nadeem


Manal likes to write on current affairs, technology, and pop culture. When not taking pictures of on-campus wildlife and cheerfully ignoring deadlines, she can be found thinking/talking about film production, comic books, science fiction and food. 


Saher Nadeem


Extracting liveliness from her surroundings, Saher tries to gather her thoughts and frame it into a piece of writing that you might enjoy.

Alina Izhar


When not watching her 20s roll by like cigarette smoke, Alina drowns her sorrows in cinema and football.

Meerab Aliya


Apart from reading and writing trashy historical fiction, Meerab also actively writes on political issues especially,the ones unfolding in the Middle East and South Asia. Moreover, she uses writing as a catharsis to express her extremely dramatic and emotionally wrecked personality.

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