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LUMS Gears Up For Energy Conservation In The New Decade

By: Humza Siddique and Mohammad Basit Khan“Stagnation is not the answer” were the words of Dr. Nauman Zaffar, the head of the LUMS Conservation Committee. According to him, conservation of energy, water and the lush lawns has always been a top priority for LUMS. The Post sat down with Dr. Zaffar on a Saturday morning to discuss past conservation projects and the initiatives for the upcoming decade.Lighting infrastructure has seen the most development since 2016 with the change from fluorescent tubes to LED lights. The Engineering School has motion sensors installed in most instructor offices, particularly in the Electrical Engineering Department’s wing, to prevent wastage by forgetting to switch off. LUMS has also been able to secure a reliable vendor for the LED lights and the benefit ach...
Zumba Classes: Girls Drop Out Due To Discomfort
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Zumba Classes: Girls Drop Out Due To Discomfort

By Mohammad Basit KhanThis October, many female students dropped out of Zumba classes, taking place in MainHall, Sports Complex, due to the discomfort felt with its open venue. Zumba, conventionally, is practiced in closed, private settings.Notably, other unenrolled students are allowed access to the Main Hall and partake in their individual activities, during campus class hours. “It was majorly uncomfortable because there were too many people in the sports complex – mostly boys playing basketball or some randomly standing watching,” Huda Ahsan Khan ‘23 said.Saman Khan ‘22 was a regular at the Zumba sessions held in LUMS last year, yet this year she hasn’t returned after attending the first few sessions. “We used to be just nine to ten girls. It was a very relaxed environment last year,” s...